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Workplace Wellness

Too much sitting is bad for you !

Break this vicious cycle on sedentary lifestyle and explore infinite opportunities while staying active. Now you don't have to compromise on your health because of your hectic work schedule.

Work and workout on the go !

Solo Under Desk Cycle with table for 3.j
Online Learning

Under desk Treadmill with fixed standing desk

Ideal for personal use

Under desk pedals with meeting table for 3

Active employee engagement

Online Employee games & Engagement

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Virtual Workplace

Virtual Workplace

Let's make remote working more fun

Virtual Events

Virtual Events actually worth paying

Under Desk Treadmill

Work N Workout

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Electric Standing Desk frame

Dual Motor, 5 yr warranty

Sit Stand Desk Converter

Extended Version for Desktops

Sit Stand Desk Converter

For Laptops