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Tasks best suited for a desk treadmill

Updated: Feb 15

I have realized some office tasks are better suited for a desk treadmill rather than a normal work desk. I have been using desk treadmill for a month by now and given below are few task which I love doing on my desk treadmill

Walking while taking phone calls

Talking on phone (or a web meeting) while sitting for long makes me feel anxious and jittery. Best time to use my desk treadmill is when I can talk on phone with my clients helping me to be more creative and innovative while speaking. It’s a proven fact ( for me at least) that some of the best ideas I can have is while walking or running.

Light typing Activities:

Like casually browsing the web, going through the email or scrolling the social media (which I tend to do a lot these days). While wasting my time on the irrelevant internet scrolling, I am rest assured that at least I am walking and getting in shape .

Binging on Netflix lately?

This is the best time to use a walking desk, while binging on my favorite Netflix series , I am happy that I am doing something for my health and being in shape while watching TV.

Some office tasks which I prefer sitting

On the other hands , office tasks which require intensive stationary focus on the screen like writing or filling out a spreadsheet was little difficult for me while using the desk treadmill. So I have made sure to divide my tasks into standing and walking on the desk treadmill. Writing intensively, not surprisingly, was best done sitting.

Anyhow with little adjustments, I am able to bring much more movement in my daily schedule and helped me to stay active without putting in additional time. If you are planning to buy a desk treadmill (or a standing desk), make sure you read my experience of using the desk treadmill for a month.

Always keep walking, my friend because movement is life !

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